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Epworth Pebble Mill, 3' diameter x 4' long chamber, on stand with drive, 5 hp Gear reduced drive, tagged 220/440 voltage, Standard door opening, Two doors, grinding door and discharge door with valve.

PC13044 Paul O. Abbe Ball Jar Mill, Size # 6, 57 Gallon Total Capacity Ceramic, 14.3 Gallon/192 Lbs Dry Capacity and 34.2 Gallon Wet Capacity, 30" Diameter X 24.50" High, Maximum 380 Pound Media Charge, Mounted On Heavy Duty Factory Base, Driven By 1.5 HP, 1725 Rpm 208/230/460/3 Phase Drive To On Shaft Reducer Rotating at Approx. 30 RPM, Safety Guarding, Overall Dimensions: 5' H X 48" Deep X 64" Long.           
PC13041 International Ball Mill, 36" diameter x 48" long chamber. alumina brick lined. Fabricated Steel legs. 7.5 HP gear reduced drive, 220/440 voltage. Drive is equipped with a Master Unibrake. Gear is in very good condition. Brick lining is in good condition. Media is included. Standard drain door with drain valve. .
PC13040 Paul O. Abbe Ball Mill. 42" diameter x 48" long chamber. alumina brick lined - good condition. Standard door with drain valve. On legs. Bull gear and pinion gear to belt and pulley. Equipped with gear guard. 10 HP motor, 220/440 voltage, 3 phase. Motor has multi groove pulley with belts. Includes media. Lining looks good. Will test run the motor.
PC13039 Ball Mill. 42" diameter x 48" long chamber.
Unit has been relined recently-and looks it.
5 hp motor belt driven to gear reducer, bull gear and pinion. 3 phase, 220/440 voltage. Equipped with dry product discharge shroud. Equipped with perforated discharge door.
Does not include grinding door. Appears to be a Patterson mill but not certain. Overall height: 10'6".
PC13038 Patterson Ball Mill. 5' diameter x 6' long chamber. alumina brick lining(white). Cast Steel legs. Babbit bearings. Standard Door Size. 20 HP SEW-Eurodrive gear reduced drive. Drive has brake. Gears are in good condition
PC12900 Patterson Ball Mill, 6' diameter x 5' long.
alumina lined brick, Standard door, On legs with babbitt bearings, 30 hp Gear Reduced Drive, with stearns brake, 230/460 voltage. Motor stand. Includes control panel,
Does not include the fence when it was installed. Unit was shop tested and ran fine.



SOLD U.S. Stoneware 12 gallon ceramic ball mill, This unit features one piece ceramic cylinder design, 12 gallon total volume, rollaway guard, start/stop/jog controls, grinding door, discharge door, support stand and 3/4 hp motor explosion proof motor with Stearns brake, operating at 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz.
PC12630 Ball Mills (Quant. Available - priced per each) OD 54" Diameter x 65" Long, Ceramic Lined, Each cone can be loded with 750 kg of frit (1653 lbs) approx. 450 Gal



SOLD Fiedler Ball Mill, 30" diameter x 34"long, Ceramic lined, support stand, 2 HP motor, combination grinding and discharge door. Nice shape.
PC12402 Norton Ball Mll, 12 Gal. Norton (U.S. Stoneware) Aludar Ball Mill, Norton ( U.S. Stoneware) Model 564 Aludur Ball Mill, 15" ID x 14" straight side 1 - piece High Alumina Aludur Jar, 3/4 HP, 3/60/230-460 volt Explosion Proof Motor, on stands with rollaway guard. Excellent condition. (requires Cover)